Smart Home Alarm Wifi Anti-Theft Home Alarm

Smart Home Alarm Wifi Anti-Theft Home Alarm

Smart Home Alarm Wifi Anti-Theft Home Alarm
2.4-inch TFT full-color LCD screen display. Touch keyboard operation, wireless transmission, simple installation. One machine with two networks WIFI/GSM (2G), uninterrupted network, safer and more assured. Support doorbell button tone function, Ding Dong, Ding Dong (default). One-key SOS secret call for help and alarm; support duress code, can make a secret call to alarm in emergency situations (the default alarm sound, can be set).

Support 9 languages, Chinese, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian (default English). Support remote WIFI network APP alarm push, telephone, SMS, and other multi-channel alarm methods and management. Support 5 groups of preset alarm telephone and SMS numbers, and support each group of numbers to close/open management. One-key operation to add wireless accessories, no need to divide defense zones, attributes, names, etc.

Support the main door, hall, distress, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, water leakage, doorbell, PIR detector, door sensor detector, and other defense zone names and numbers can be set arbitrarily. Support the setting of defense zone types such as outgoing defense zone, stay-behind defense, doorbell, silent defense, 24-hour defense zone, etc. Support multiple extended alarm displays and alarms such as main power failure, backup battery shortcomings, tamper-proof alarm, etc. Dual horn alarm design, built-in horn (default), support external audio siren (optional).

Support free arming and disarming function. Support arbitrary input of deception numbers in defense zones. Support timing arming and disarming and leaving messages.

Support telephone functions, similar to an ordinary telephone. Support 1 group of user password management (default closed) open, please refer to the manual. Support IOS Apple system (within 12.3.1 version), Android system (android). All our products can be integrated under one app Smart Life App.

All our products are capable of integration with Google/Amazon platforms. All our products are capable of integrating with eachother. All our products are capable of working with each other based on specific scenes. Please visit our website for more. What's in the package.

3 motion sensors with brackets. Features Of Smart Wifi Alarm.

A great fit for Home, store, condos and apartments. The main controller hub is responsible for connecting with all of the sensors. With a free IOS/Android smartphone app, it can be easily controlled by arming, disarming, and home modes with also a simple remote control. In the event of an emergency, you can also seek help by pressing the "SOS" button to send a help signal. It supports expansion of up to 100 sensors with one main panel hub.

If it loses power, it has backup battery to support 8 hours working. It can support rename different zone name, sensors name, and zone property name.

Voice control is compatible with Tuya/Amazon Alexa/Google/GSM, Wi-Fi connection, and one machine with two networks WIF / GSM (2G), permanent network, safer and more reliable. The working siren will be triggered once a door/window opens. Discreetly keep track of your home windows and doors, to not miss any burglar. Up to 100 pcs sensors.

It has high sensitivity and anti HF interference function, the PIR Motion Sensor can sense the moving object and give an alarm, to not miss any burglar. The detection range of the alarm can reach up to 8 meters, the sensing width is about 120° (Tips: Recommend installation height is 1.8m-2.2m). You can add up to an unlimited of members, allow them control and get the notification.
Smart Home Alarm Wifi Anti-Theft Home Alarm

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