IeGeek Wireless In/Outdoor 5Dbi WiFi Security Camera PTZ Smart Home CCTV System

IeGeek Wireless In/Outdoor 5Dbi WiFi Security Camera PTZ Smart Home CCTV System

IeGeek Wireless In/Outdoor 5Dbi WiFi Security Camera PTZ Smart Home CCTV System
IeGeek 360° PTZ Security Camera Outdoor with Humanoid Detection(Wired). Not too long ago, having video surveillance equipment installed in your home as a security measure was seen as a tough and complicated task.

We are committed to solving this trouble for the users and started to produce simpler and more user -friendly security cameras since 2016. So wireless wifi security camera with humanoid detection was born. Traditional Motion Detection will push alarm only when there is movement before the ptz security camera outdoor. No matter it was cause by a cat, a dog or wind something, that make guard job more complicated. 2022 Upgraded ieGeek 360° PTZ security camera outdoor supports human detection(Using an upgraded version of Ingenics chip).

It won't detect movement of other unwanted stuff except human body. Which may be caused by curtain movement within a room, changes in lighting conditions, rain, snow, insects, etc.

You can choose to turn on/off the humanoid detection function. Sensitive Auto Tracking, Lock on Anything That Moves In the Entire Field of View. IeGeek home outdoor camera supports automatic horizontal tracking, which is able to identify motion.

They are able to track whatever is moving throughout field of view. A human is not required for any of this.

You can choose to turn on/off the automatic tracking function on the APP. 355° Pan 90° Tilt, Capture a Wider View.

IeGeek 360 wireless security camera has a flexible PTZ. You can manually rotate the camera to the area you want to view through the APP, without waiting for the camera to automatically rotate.

Support 355° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical rotation. Preset Preview Position, Focus on Every Important Place. IeGeek wifi camera supports pre-setting the browsing position on the App (up to 8 settings), which allows you to. Quickly locate the area you want to view. Do not miss any important places.

IeGeek Home Security Systems, Giving You Peace of Mind Day and Night(Wired). The home security camera has a. Which allows you to zoom in or out of the video with two fingers to clearly see the license plate number or the face of an intruder. Make day and night clearer. The outdoor wireless security camera has built-in 4 white LEDs and 4 infrared LEDs, which can provide you with.

Crystal clear color night vision or black and white night vision. Night vision distances up to 98 feet/25 meters. Making it easy to recognise clear image of everything. Here are 3 night vision modes: full color, black and white, and smart mode. You can easily set your favorite mode on the "CamHi pro" mobile app, meet your different usage scenarios. What's in the box. 1 x Waterproof Wire Connector. 4 x Camera Screw Hats. You can start the installation directly after receiving it, saving every minute.

3 meters power cable is included. In the accessory to meet your installation location needs.

24/7 Continuous Recording and Customize Recording Time. It can record every moment in daily life for you. You can not only view the screen when the motion detection is triggered, but also customize the recording time to make the camera detect movement during the set time period to avoid unnecessary detection records. IeGeek wired ptz cameras is. Equipped with two enhanced 5dBi antennas.

Which can effectively enhance the stability of the wifi connection. Make video and voice calls smoother.

Greatly reduce the trouble caused by wifi disconnection. IeGeek front door cameras for home security has power cable, reset button cable and Ethernet cable. Each cable is clearly shown in the picture. You can choose wifi or internet cable connection according to your needs.

Clear & Efficient Two-way Audio. Wifi ip camera outdoor equipped with an anti-noise microphone and waterproof speaker. You can chat and interact with your family in front of the ieGeek wired CCTV camera.

The 2-way audio function can help you keep your family safe from unwanted visitors.

IeGeek Wireless In/Outdoor 5Dbi WiFi Security Camera PTZ Smart Home CCTV System

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