IeGeek Outdoor 360° PTZ Security Camera Home Auto Tracking WiFi CCTV System UK

IeGeek Outdoor 360° PTZ Security Camera Home Auto Tracking WiFi CCTV System UK

IeGeek Outdoor 360° PTZ Security Camera Home Auto Tracking WiFi CCTV System UK
Intelligent motion detection and alarm notifications: built-in advanced chips and sensors ensure that ieGeek surveillance camera accurately detects movements and sends you instant alarm notifications via the Camhipro app. The detection range and sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce false alarms caused by leaves, insects, etc. You can also set up siren sounds to deter intruders. 1080P full HD and colour night vision: the WiFi outdoor surveillance camera is equipped with 4 floodlights, 4 infrared lights and an intelligent IR-CUT sensor that can provide you with 1080P full HD pictures, videos and crystal clear colour night vision. There are three night vision modes to choose from: full color, black and white and smart mode, which you can easily switch in the app. The night vision range of the outdoor WiFi camera is up to 30 metres. Car tracking and 355° swivel and 90° tilt: the outdoor camera surveillance is equipped with an auto-tracking function that can accurately capture the action and provide you with 360° all-round protection. If you do not need automatic tracking, you can disable it in the app. 5 dbi double WiFi antenna and IP66 waterproof: the WiFi surveillance camera is equipped with an updated version of the 5DBI double antenna, and the network signal is stronger and more stable, which can effectively reduce the problem caused by network interruptions. The camera is made of high temperature resistant, high-quality waterproof IP66 material, which can completely prevent dust and splashes from entering and is suitable for any bad weather.

Two-way audio and quick installation: ieGeek outdoor surveillance camera has a built-in microphone and speaker system for clear and smooth communication in real time. With the included instruction manual in German, you can install and set up the camera quickly and easily. IeGeek offers you high-quality products and services. PART 1: With 355°Pan 100°Tilt, 360°Swivel, Plug-in Mains Power, ieGeek Wired PTZ Cameras Cover Every Corn You Care. Set Observation Point, Automatic Detect.

After setting preset, when no movement, the wifi cctv camera is stationary in a fixed position. The detection angle is 130°. To expand the detection angle, set a pre-observation point to make the wireless security camera outdoor quickly locate the target monitoring location, covering any position you want to detect. Intelligent Tracking Motion and Sound. The wired PTZ camera outdoor supports motion and sound detection.

Outside camera will horizontal automatic track and initiate an siren to scare unknown persons away. Or close auto tracking to focus on the key monitoring area. Provide you with 360° double protection. Upgraded 5dbi Dual Antenna Wi-Fi signal.

Which has stronger penetrating ability and long transmission distance. The upgraded version of 5dbi dual antennas can obtain up to 10M Wi-Fi signal, allowing the CCTV camera outdoor to work continuously online. Catch almost all safety hazards. PART 2: With Upgraded 25m Colorful Night Vision, ieGeek 360 Camera Offers You Peace of Mind Day and Night. Any Question When Connecting Outdoor CCTV Camera with WiFi, Please Check This Product Video.

2 To prevent false alarms, please adjust the sensitivity of motion detection according to actual use. Lower sensitivity, less motion detected. Update your App: Please confirm your App version is the latest which will make outdoor wifi camera work better. Wired camera support wireless WiFi connection. Please follow App's direction to connect.

You can choose this one. Solution 2 Please follow user manual to connect, support cable connection and Ap hotspot connection. Solution 3 Use the equipped internet cable to connect camera with router. PART 3: ieGeek Smart CCTV Camera System Outdoor, Meet All Your Watching and Saving Video Request. IeGeek outdoor wireless security camera with 4x Digital zoom technology supports area picture magnification to help you see clearer and farther.

You can add house camera first, then share outdoor cameras for home security with 5 families and friends. All can paying attention to family safety and sharing happy time through app. (1 adder and 5 sharers). 4 Pictures on 1 Screen. PART 4: Additional Functions of ieGeek WiFi Outdoor Security Camera, Security Your Home Safety 7/24 Hours.

Work with app and NVR system. SD Card Local Storage, Protect Your Privacy. CCTV camera systems wireless outdoor support SD card storage (2-128GB). Automatic coverage when full, no need to fetch the card frequently.

Wired Camera with 3 Cables. You can choose wifi or internet cable connection freely. Wireless means support 2.4G WiFi.

1wired security camera outdoor, 112V. 1waterproof port, 1screw set, 1instruction manual.
IeGeek Outdoor 360° PTZ Security Camera Home Auto Tracking WiFi CCTV System UK

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