2K WIFI IP Camera Wireless Solar Outdoor CCTV PTZ Smart Home Security IR Camera

2K WIFI IP Camera Wireless Solar Outdoor CCTV PTZ Smart Home Security IR Camera

2K WIFI IP Camera Wireless Solar Outdoor CCTV PTZ Smart Home Security IR Camera

2K WIFI IP Camera Wireless Solar Outdoor CCTV PTZ Smart Home Security IR Camera. IeGeek 2K 360° Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless CCTV Camera with Color Night Vision.

365 Days Solar Powered & No Hassle of Manual Recharge. IeGeek security camera has rechargeable battery built in, just connect solar panel to the camera, it will be charged by sunlight 365 days. Need to take off camera and charge it anymore.

Without the hassle of recharge! The solar panel has 360° adjustable bracket and. Which ensure you can install and adjust the solar panel in a place where it can get sufficient sunlight exposure. Solar panel is sufficient to keep the camera fully charged even on cloudy days.

Even leading into winter, the low sun still has enough power to charge the camera. 2K Color / Infrared Night Vision & See Details More Clearly. IeGeek solar cctv camera has white spotlights and infrared LEDs, providing you with 2K color/infrared night vision.

See details clearly even at night. You can choose infrared or color night vision mode in the app. If you set up color mode, the spotlights will turn on as soon as movement is detected at night, helping you. And the recorded video is colorful.

You can also turn on/off spotlights manually when you want to view live footage at night. Human Motion Detection & Siren Spotlight Warning. IeGeek wireless camera is equipped with upgraded PIR motion sensor which can detect human movement accurately and reduce false trigger. There are three alert options.

When movement is detected, only spotlights turn on to deter intruder. When movement is detected, only siren turn on to deter intruder. When movement is detected, both spotlights and siren turn on to deter intruder.

100% Wireless & Easy to Install. IeGeek outdoor wireless security camera is powered by sunlight and connected to the network via WiFi. There is no messy power cord and network cable.

Without annoying cable, you can install the camera more freely. Just mount the bracket on the wall and fix the camera in the bracket, then complete installation. Controllable 360° Visibility & All Round Coverage. IeGeek home cctv camera supports 355° horizontal rotation and 120° vertical rotation.

You can move the camera. The cctv camera has a wide angle of coverage, it'll keeps an eye on your home and provides all-round protection.

Clear and Convenient Voice Intercom. IeGeek solar outdoor camera has an integrated microphone and speaker which allows a. With the people who is around the camera. If you spot intruder, you can warn him by your voice and make him run off!

Well Made Material & IP65 Waterproof. IeGeek camera housing is made of IP65 waterproof material, and the battery is sealed in the camera.

You don't need to worry about rain and snow affect the battery life or the lens become blurred. Even in strong thunderstorms and snowstorm, the camera can. And work flawlessly, giving you reliable security and peace of mind. IeGeek home security camera needs to be connected to the "CloudEdge" mobile APP, then wherever you go, you can access the camera on your smartphone. See what happened in time. And keep an eye on your home day and night, home or away.

You can customize motion detection area on the app to avoid unwanted alerts. Monitor the most important zone. In the app, so camera detect movement at the set time period. Range is 110, you can adjust according to your needs.

Encrypted Micro SD Card & Cloud Storage. Video and pictures are saved on Micro SD Card or cloud, you can. When the space is full, the new data will overwrite oldest data, you can download data before overwriting. Maximum capacity for Micro SD Card is 128GB.

Cloud service is free to use 7 days. Please Note: Not support RTSP/NVR/FTP. Only support Micro SD card and cloud storage. 1 x Wireless Security Camera 1 x Camera Bracket 1 x Micro USB Power Cable 1 x Solar Panel 3 x Solar Panel Screws 3 x Solar Panel Screw Hats 1 x Solar Panel Bracket 4 x Screws 4 x Screw Hats 4 x Side Screws 1 x User Manual. Otherwise, an unpaid case will be opened if full payments is not received after a week.

Buyers are responsible for these charges. Transit times may vary, Particularly during the holiday season. Return: This is the contents of your Return. You can add a banner for this Return as header and add text descriptions here. The text descriptions can be different Font Size, Font Color, Style and even graphics and icons are also accepted.

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2K WIFI IP Camera Wireless Solar Outdoor CCTV PTZ Smart Home Security IR Camera

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